Arts and entertainment inform much of our worldviews, and everyone is concerned by the contents of the game contents. The question here is which model tells us most about the game rating and the rating process. As the note unfolds, out of the four chosen models (Catboost, XGboost, Random Tree Forest, and Log Regression), XGBoost will perform best. The surmise is that XGBoost and its boosting process reflect the rating process better than the Random Forest Classifier model.

Data Source, Structure, and Limited Cleaning:

The dataset is from Kaggle’s video game rating dataset uploaded in 2021. The data is relatively clean. The data is binary in…


So, last time, we reaffirmed that —

  1. The subjective feeling derived from social support in a personal network,
  2. The freedom to make life choices, and
  3. The objective conditions that foster long life expectancy,

suffice to predict who may feel happy.

The Research Objective of World Value Survey Research

This time, we will explore why citizens of the highly developed regions may subjectively feel healthy to the same extent that citizens of war-torn or stressed countries feel.


The target variable is ‘State of health (subjective)’ ranked from 1 to 5. …

I was inspired by the book Paradox of Generosity, which detailed the health benefits and social advantages of being a giver. Thus, I picked World Happiness Report 2021. Having read the report, I know there is no significant change since 2008. Thus, I only used the 2021 data and did not utilize the data since 2008.

Why Avoid GDP?

This dataset is qualitative in nature, and GDP is a quantitative measure. Though most columns return average scores of qualitative questions, and this arrangement does not make the survey quantitative. After all, GDP captures the measurable values of economic activities in monetary terms. …

Philip Fei-Ran Lee

Current lawyer, budding data scientist.

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